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Workplace learning for novice workers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Workplace breeding for novice workers - Essay ExampleImplementation of a learning pedagogy is a kind of strategy that employers adopt to increase employees knowledge, talents, and expertise in particular aras they work in. It is important for an employer to create a balance among the employees individual career objectives and organizational milestones, in order to achieve successful employee bring outment. Flourishing workplace learning opportunities, programs and strategies guarantee improved employees performance, which leads to higher productivity and general organizational success in the competitive market. The main aim of workplace learning is employee development, which leads to employee motivation and job satisfaction. Opening new opportunities for employees, so that they can develop expertise, makes them stay contented with their jobs. In this paper, we shall discuss a workplace, the expectations and needs of its novice and experienced workers, its learning pedagogies an d their contribution in employee development, and recommendations regarding improvement in its learning opportunities. APA referencing manner has been used throughout the paper. Workplace Description XYZ is a hospital that has around 500 employees, including higher authorities, doctors, nurses, technicians, lab operators, canteen boys, and so on. There is a gigantic list of positions in the organization. This hospital started its business 20 years back and, that is why it earns a great reputation in the city. It provides healthcare services to its patients, and has many a(prenominal) branches located in other cities. This organization enjoys a strong version of hierarchical structure, because thither is a good assignment of positions and authorities at each level. Each level is checked by its senior level, and each upper level is responsible to maintain the lower one. So, it can be stated that there is a tall hierarchical structure in this organization, and not a flat one. Since it is a large business, and controls and maintains many employees and serve wells, this makes it a tall hierarchy in which the span of control is also large, since there are quite a number of managers, and a small number of employees at every level account to every manager. Thus, there is a narrow span of control, because every manager is given a wide control over his employees. The main IT function in this hospital setting is that it maintains specialized electronic health records, which are longitudinal records of patients and their case histories. These EHRs help the physicians share patients information among them, which helps them provide improved healthcare to the patients. The EHRs are maintained by skilled technical staff. Patients records are secured under data protection rules. Expectations of Novice and Proficient Workers The social environment in which the hospital has to function is greatly changing due to incorporation of technological tools and accessories for comm unication and collaboration. The demand of health care service by patients is also changing at the homogeneous pace. Keeping these changes in view, the hospital authorities have recently started formulating strategies to improve the quality of health care and provision of health related services. Physicians and nurses are pass judgment to stay in constant, to-the-point collaboration among them in order to provide quick and reliable health care to the patients. However for this, there should be association in role concepts and expectations of physicians and nurses in the hospital. The hospital has difference betwixt role concepts and role expectations for novice physicians and nurses, which is not very favorable when it comes to creating a balanced understanding between them via communication and

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