Sunday, June 9, 2019

Comparison of Marge Piercy and Kate Chopin articles on Women's Essay

Comparison of Marge Piercy and Kate Chopin articles on Womens Oppression - Essay ExampleAs the essay states the work by Piercy presents the womens subjection by use of symbolism. The charr in the context is as the Bonsai tree which is and not allowed to grow and attain maximum height. The desired height of the tree by the nurseryman is nine inches, which represent absolute oppression when elaborated by the tree height. The height of the tree is a metaphor to represent the nature and the level of oppression meted at the women by male world. Despite limiting the growth of the woman, the gardener reasons in the concluding instance of the story, that the woman is lucky to have him because he considers the woman as domestic and weak.According to the report it is clear that compared to A story of the hour by Kate Chopin, the poem represents oppression using absolute symbolism, but two stories elaborate the role of men in the oppression and struggle for liberation. The failure in womens liberation is by the trust and love they profess to have. The difference amongst the poem and the story is based on the actions taken by women in the story. In both cases, they do not take any action to crucify the situation. The Kate Chopin story reveals oppression using a marriage setup. The marriage of Louise Mallard to Brently and perceived death of Brently is the focus of the story. The perceived death in a vituperate accident helps to build the womens oppression. In the story, after learning of the death, Louise uses the word free to illustrate the oppression in her marriage.

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