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Roaccutane Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 words

Roaccutane - Essay ExampleThe purposes of these studies and their problems were ascertained, noting down their findings. A reflective succinct is included on clinical implications in the literature portion.The general finding of these studies on the dangerous side personal effects of isotretinoin use regarding psychiatric side effects including depression is inconclusive. The main issue raised is on the required number of subjects tested. As large as 8000 subjects would needed for a tenable methodology in research as suggested by the British Association of Dermatologists. Connected with this problem is the number of volunteers willing to be tested, considering that the drug is risky. Nevertheless, based on adverse reports, it is until now recommended that prescribers follow precautions sent out by the Food and Drug Administration on this drug.The concern for knowing about whether isotretinoin and depression are linked switch off from several adverse drug reaction reports (ADRs) re ceived by health authorities, no less than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the manufacturer of the drug involved. The exceedingly published accounts of suicides committed by young people add to the ever growing need for looking into this problem. Literatures abound regarding these supposition and researches have been conducted to this end. To this day, there is such(prenominal) to be confirmed by way of collating these reports and coming up with a converged position.Acne, for which isotretinoin is usually taken is commonly associated with shame, embarrassment, social assertiveness, and self-confidence. Acne to an adolescent is associated with socialization, appearances in public, interaction with strangers, and all the same reduced employment opportunities (Tan 2004). As such, seeking treatment involves having access to the best there is. However, what is being bruited about as an excellent drug for the purpose of meliorate is equally, if not more, being blamed for th e demise of some. It is necessary that what should heal should not also put ones health at risk. Isotretinoin has been serving a lot of costly to those with acne, but has also been receiving several ADRs in the recent years (Schulte 2005). This study looks into possible links between Isotretinoin and depression.Acne Acne is a disorder of the sebaceous follicles or ducts hardened on the face, chest and back. They consist of sebaceous (secreting oil) glands associated with small hair follicles. (Cunliffe 1994). It is important to ensure that patients know that their acne is taken seriously and to reassure them that acne is treatable. The fact that it is a late responding disorder should be stressed to patients (Ibid).Healey and Simpson (1994) identify three aims of treatment as to prevent scarring, limit the duration of the disease and reduce the impact of psychological stress. They try that early treatment and regular review are necessary to prevent scarring. Treatment options ar e targeted at one or more of the four pathophysiological changes which continue in acne, blockage of the skin ducts, increased sebum

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