Monday, June 17, 2019

Lab report paraphrasing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lab report paraphrasing - Essay ExampleThe term, total squargond error, is apply in defining the accuracy of the original signal in the Fourier series. The accuracy of the Fourier series can only escalate if the value of m increases. The accuracy, for example, deteriorates or is rattling low when the value of m is 1. Consequently, the accuracy of the experiment is very high when the m value stands at 6. The poor accuracy results from the failure to take into term the original signal. The original signal serves as a crucial first step towards solving the Fourier series. It is, therefore, important to have a high value as m in order to increase the accuracy of the series.H. Wilbraham was the first scholar to identify the Gibbs phenomenon. Josiah Gibbs then later studied the phenomenon in detail. The phenomenon has a direct race with the Fourier series. It appears as a subtile sinusoidal wave in square waves. The phenomenon forms part of the troughs and peaks in the series. The sin usoidal waves cannot be eliminated unless the m rises to infinity. In other words, the small peaks forming parts of the square waves are always present.There are several uses of Fourier series in Electrical engineering. There are, for example, very useful in studies involving large-hearted analysis. Harmonic analysis refers to the assessment of periodic functions that constitute simple sinusoidal elements. The methods are of immense importance in noise analysis, filter designing, and signal analysis. These are just a few areas of the wide harmonic analysis that calls for thorough understanding before undertaking computations of the

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