Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bio-diesel Oil :: Renewable Energy Environment Fuel Driving

Bio-diesel OilVincent Lamaunt, our hypothetical character, is a five star oecumenical in the armed forces and has given his life to serve and protect in Iraq. Recently, bra very and courage on the battlefield, has given him the privilege to return infrastructure hes been told to report at headquarters at 0700 hours the next day. Transported in a truck by a fellow officer, he learns he is officially relieved of his duties in Iraq after his one last mission to bring, from Baghdad, a convoy of four hummers, two trucks, and two support helicopters into Kuwait. Days later he soon found himself traveling by train, boat, and plane to finally reach his final destination, New York City. Vincent was greeted with a halo of happiness as his family came to bring him home in their Ford F-150. Imagine now, all these vehicles, the cars, trucks, helicopters, trains, boats, planes are no longer kindleed by petroleum oil, but from bio-diesel oil. Amazingly, bio-diesel is no longer an imagination, b ut a close reality as this renewable fuel is vastly becoming the next best alternative source for replacing the old and diminishing fogey fuels. The soybean plant has been apart of US history for decades as an important product of American agriculture. Today, soybeans are Americas number one export crop, and for nearly 30 years beginning in the 50s, the US was producing about 75 percent of the worlds soybean crop (Soypower). The oil that is extracted from this simple bean has found its charge into some of our common household products, such as shortening and salad dressings. Weight-loss products, baby formulas, and sports drinks also contain soy proteins, which provide us all nine inwrought amino acids. Even with all the important and interesting capabilities the soybean has been able to bring to us, none may be as significant as biodiesel fuel that some have been raving about. Is it compatible with current technology? I believe an important and very relevant question to be answe red before ever so implementing an invention like bio-diesel oil into society is A computer becomes more dynamic every year, but it is still designed in such a way to be compatible with floppy disks, zip disks, CDs, and now, the Flash chips. The same must be true for bio-diesel oil or a very complicated issue would be at stake. Thankfully, for us, bio-diesel oil has been tweaked in such a way that petro-diesel oil and bio-diesel oil could be used simultaneously in practically every current diesel engine there is.

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