Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Russia Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Russia Revolution - Essay Example The traditional Monarchy had increasingly become so weak and continuously got defeated in several wars. The empire became vulnerable which culminated to severe reactionary. Nicholas had total control over the activities and army (Beckwith 67). Nicholas II refused calls to incorporate people in his leadership and hence masses poked holes and became discontented with his leadership that raised several questions. He took much time with family interest and became obsessed to retain his privileges and naively believed being a God-chosen leader. Nicholas was forced to dissolve the Duma and joined the war front which made him loose his position as this became more detrimental to him. The Nicholas II had long seen his grandfather’s assassination as well and witnessed his father’s responding to the assassination amidst brutal oppression of the people. The attempts by Nicholas to imitate the further approaches to the resistance did not augur well with already dissatisfied masses. The people vowed to oust Nicholas II following the ever emerging rebellious movements. Nicholas make several incident by incident concessions following the increased unrest caused by the imposition of oppressions. These concessions culminated into the inception of the first ever constitution and Russian Parliament. The concession persisted, and Nicholas II grip of power weakened hence opening the door for his ousting in January 1917. The successive wars weakened the emperor such as The Crimean war that lasted between 1854 and 1856. Another war was The Russo-Turkish that was occurred during 1877-78. Another severe war was Russo-Japanese War that lasted between 1904 and 1905, as well as The World War I of 1914-18. These wars spent tax revenue and manpower. The country suffered due to war defeats with only Turkish win. This weakened the nation and fueled the discontent amongst the

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