Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Human Resource Information Systems Assignment (Please answer the

Human Resource Information Systems (Please answer the following 11questions) - Assignment Example SAP R/3 costs are associated with a number of variables. The timeframe will determine the total costs of maintaining, implementing and training procedures. Another variable is the number of people and hardware which will be required for the entire project. 2. Describe how existing history is extracted and imported to your system at conversion. Batch input is a major method to ensure the extraction and import of existing history. It is instrumental for transferring huge amounts of data (Rebstock & Knut, 45). The primary feature of this method is that it does not require maximum attention. Direct input is another method which is a modification of the batch input process. It helps to ensure efficient extraction and import of history. There are no additional fees related to the process of converting history in the SAP R/3 HR Module. The costs are included in the standard package that includes installation, configuration, and maintenance of the system. 4. Define the historical information your system maintains and how long it is available to your customers. Historical information is maintained in an efficient and effective manner by SAP R/3. This is done by integration with specific databases in the system. It can be used to ensure availability of data to clients for a long period. SAP R/3 has a dynamic employee self-service functionality system. It improves productivity and output while creating a responsive system. Information accessibility has been significantly enhanced through this feature. The organization can reduce costs through the display of relevant and appropriate information. This creates a true paperless environment that eliminates the costs associated with paper (Hernandez, Martinez & Keogh, 56). Personal information about remunerations and bonuses can be accessed by employees. Finally the system helps to streamline and automate the HR systems. SAP R/3 HR Module can

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