Monday, August 26, 2019

Human Resource Management Assesment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Human Resource Management Assesment - Essay Example From this study it is clear that  work-life balance is one of those activities which pursue the objective of reducing stresses in employees work environment. This is to create a balance between employee personal life aspects and work activities, to come to better performance and appraisal respectively. This report is about such social HRM norms, in order to access and judge that how such norms are adaptable in organization systems. The primary objective will be to access two of beyond contract activities, first is the work-life balance and second the stress management policy.This paper outlines that  work-life balance is one of social HRM policies which supports employee’s will to manage his or her time in work and in the daily life activities. The concept relates to employee’s participation in work by providing them moral support and enthusiasm towards personal life activities. Such activities may include social networking, joining friends and family, giving suffic ient time at home, self-care and personal health development. When HR managers adapt policies of work-life balance at the work place, their motive is to organize and develop employee’s mental health and behaviour. When the employee becomes mentally stable (stress reduced), he or she is able to create a balance between work and life acting affairs.  The culture of social policies (work-life balance) adaptation comes right from the top, like from the senior HR managers.

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