Monday, July 29, 2019

Introduction to Organisations and Management Assignment - 1

Introduction to Organisations and Management - Assignment Example Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. The first and foremost responsibility of a good manager is creating an atmosphere in which people from different disciplines and departments in the organization can form teams for successful accomplishments of projects. Moreover the work of each individual and teams need to be observed closely so that they may be recognized for their efforts if their work is up to the standards or they may be helped in improving the quality of their work. The next job is to improve efficiency of individuals and teams through employ development programs, stress management drills and achieving the right combination of teams according to the nature of the project. There are certain steps involved in the management and organization and the success lies with the correct execution of these steps. These steps include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. An organization is a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose. Organizations have a distinct purpose which is achieved by the correct composition of people who carry out the assigned tasks following a specified structure. In the present scenario, a good organization should have flexible work arrangements, employee work teams and open communication systems with a healthy organizational culture. Organizations are changing because the world around them has changed and is continuing to change. These economic, societal and technological changes have created an environment in which the organizations have to adopt new and innovative organizational techniques and objectives to achieve success. An analysis of two companies based on flexible work arrangements, employee work teams, communication systems and organizational culture is presented in the following pages. Organizational Design and Structure The organizational structure is critical for a company as well as for its employees. The success or failure of a company depends highly on the organizational structure of the company. Moreover a good organizational structure gives provides better opportunities to the employees to progress, hence the success of individuals as well as company depends on the organizational structure. Organizational structure essentially means the way in which a company makes use of its resources, human resources in particular. The organizational structure of the company determines the chain of command in a company by setting a framework in which individuals are generally divided into groups who report to certain individuals in the management. A successful organizational structure is the one which is flexible and can adapt to the changing trends and conditions. The classic rigid styles of organizational structure in which individuals are divided into certain departments and each department performs a specific function are diminishing now. The new organizational struc tures are based on the changing market trends, global competition and the arrival of technology. The objective behind a flexible organizational structure is to make it capable of aligning with the changing trends so that it may create new opportunities. In order to create new products or services and to target new consumer

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